Everybody knows Prosecco but few know the Prosecco Hills

A land where Glera, the local grape variety used to produce Prosecco, grows on slopes that have earned the viticulture practiced the appellation of heroic, due to the slopes of some vineyards. Such slopes as to require, in some cases, the use of teleferic systems to harvest and transport the grapes. Vineyards endowed with this morphology need a total handwork, from planting to grape harvesting. Therefore, the care put into manual harvesting ensures the highest standards of quality. The panorama in this context is truly evocative and spectacular: a constant alternation of hills and vineyards, around peep out the small historic cottages that winegrowers used to store their work tools. The historical context of Prosecco production combined with the beauty of the area, led UNESCO to declare the Prosecco hills, enclosed between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a World Heritage Site in 2019.

Everyone knows Prosecco as the "hottest" bubbles of the moment, but few know that the land of origin of the Superiore version is at least as unique as its unmistakable flavor.

The hard work of thousands of small wine growers who painstakingly guard the land allowed the creation of a unique agrarian landscape and destination for millions of wine lovers: every year, they come from all over the world to enjoy a glass of Prosecco while enjoying the outstanding landscape. Alongside glera, the basic grape of Prosecco, there are other local varieties that contribute to the production of Prosecco and are still safeguarded by many courageous winemakers despite the dominance of glera. These are white varieties are: bianchetta trevigiana, perera, verdisio (to which a festival is dedicated) and boschera. Brand Italia, with its usual desire to offer excellence and innovation, invites you to discover the Prosecco Integrale that originates in the southern part of the area and enjoy it pairing with fried shrimp. From the same winery, in the Brand Italia catalog, you can find the two pet nat, the result of the recovery of the area’s winemaking tradition and proposed in a modern key by Luca and Emanuele, creators of the Integrale project.  

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