Discover Integrale’s Pet-Nat bio wines

Do you know what a Pet-Nat wine is? Pet Nat stands for “Pétillant Naturel”, a French expression for “natural sparkling”. To produce Pet-Nat wines, the grapes are picked during the fresher hours of the day. Then they are gently pressed to obtain a juice rich in aroma. This juice starts fermenting in the steel tank. Before the fermenting process is over, consuming all the sugar, the wine is bottled with its yeast. The CO2 coming from the last fermentation process remains trapped in the bottle, creating fine bubbles. Being produced with low alcohol (usually 10-12%) and with no added sugars or preservatives, it appears to be a healthier alternative to Prosecco, which usually contains more sugar.

Despite its recent surge in popularity, Pet-Nat is actually far from being the brand new guy. In fact, it dates back pre-Champagne, and has been enjoyed by the French wine-lovers for centuries.

This method is not limited to a specific region, but the current leading areas include the Loire Valley and Limoux in France, and the Prosecco area in Italy, where Pet-Nat lovers call it “col fondo”, referring to its unfiltered nature. Now the question is: never tried a Pet-Nat before? If not, be sure to choose its best expression and taste Integrale Pet-Nat wines in our portfolio. You can choose between Rosé or White: they are both organic, unfiltered and incredibly entertaining. Integrale’s organic vineyards are located in Veneto, a region in north-east Italy. This area is worldwide famous for the production of Prosecco. Its territory is characterized by small hills and a unique climate given by the fresh winds coming from the Dolomites and the mild climate of the sea of Venice. Integrale’s target is to valorise the autochthonous grapes typical from this territory, having fun in making something they are deeply in love with. The respect of the territory, the sustainability, the desire to leave a better world to the future generations, have always been a part of Integrale’s mindset, and that’s why all its wines are certified by the highest standard of organic production.

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