Unfiltered. Unconventional. Unordinary.
There are many ways to make wine. We respect them all. We just like the way we do it.

We are young but we know what we want. We’ve always been fascinated by the world of natural wines, which are the true expression of the producer. We believe that wine should always be drinkable and pleasing for anyone. That’s why we make uncommon wines avoiding the rules and the complexity, wines with soul and spirit, rebellious and individualistic. We relied on the magic of the yeast, bedazzled by the common love for pet-nat and created a wine drinkable and pleasing to anyone, without overthinking. Just integral.
We started from the native autochthonous grapes from the area between Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Asolo, in Veneto, where we had a bunch of organic vineyards, running a few attempts, taking inspiration from the tradition but facing the modern world. The area where our organic vineyards are located, is famous worldwide for the production of Prosecco. Characterized by small hills and a unique climate given by the fresh winds coming from the Dolomites and the mild climate of the sea of Venice, this area has always been designated to viticulture. Glera, Raboso, Garganega, Tai, Merlot and White muscat are the main varieties cultivated here. Our target is to valorise these autochthonous grapes, typical from the territory, having fun while making what we love.

The selection

Integrale Rosè

A natural expression of the unique grape variety Raboso, typical of Treviso area, a Pet Nat Rosé in all its elegance.

Integrale White

The classic Pet Nat from the the typical grapes of the area, naturally refermented in the bottle, as a true expression of the tradition.

Integrale Prosecco

The best selection of the organic grapes of Glera, coming from the Integrale vineyards, with a low residual sugar.
We produce good quality wines in a sustainable way. The respect of the territory and the desire to leave a better world to the future generations have always been a part of us, and that’s why all our wines are certified by the highest standard of organic production. Wine shouldn’t go according to standards or be adapted to the taste of the critics of the moment; it should be a reflection of the nature and an expression of the characteristics of the territory where the grapes are cultivated.

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