Mountains, officinal herbs, myths and legends: these are the main ingredients of Spiriti Artigiani, a project designed to interpret in a modern way the ancient recipes and traditions of the Italian territory.

The idea behind Spiriti Artigiani is to revive in just one sip all the flavours that comes from old and precious gestures, now almost disappeared, enhancing them through a contemporary vision. In Spiriti Artigiani we combine the love for the Italian territory and its excellent products with the search for original recipes, appreciable both smooth and blended, giving each drink an innovative character. The knowledge of the Italian herbal heritage, readapted in a modern key, finds its fulfilment in the identifying phrase “Future Traditions”, referring to the double soul which characterizes our project.
The Amaro Spirito delle Dolomiti is a botanical blend recognizable by its balsamic hint of citrus touch, which includes many others ingredients such as mountain pine, apricot seeds and arnica. The origin of this mix comes from an ancient mountain distillery tradition, which is the strong point of Spirito delle Dolomiti.
Not Another Vermut is a red vermouth inspired by the Belle Époque period, when this alcohol dominates the literary salons of Turin. The idea behind this vermouth is to break with the past and its strong and formal patterns in a goliardic way, inspiring conviviality and fun. Composed by over 27 plant such as wormwood, cherry and licorice, our vermouth is suitable for different types of cocktails.

The selection

Not Another Vermut Red Vermouth

27 botanical herbs such as: chinotto, cherry, chamomile, dittany, yarrow, wormwood, tarragon, pink pepper, nutmeg, rhubarb, and licorice.

Spirito delle Dolomiti Amaro

30 botanical herbs such as: mountain pine, milk thistle, rosemary, marjoram, hyssop, gentian, angelica, rhubarb, dandelion, chamomile, bitter orange, apricot seeds, and mountain arnica.
Italy is a land with a unique variety of botanicals for spirits. The technique of infusion and crafting of spirits originally comes from herbalists and pharmacists who used them to treat people. Time after time, technique and quality have been refined, In Spiriti Artigiani we distill our spirits taking inspiration from the most ancient recipes and mixing them with the modern technology, to enhance the most natural and wild botanicals available in Italy.

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