Our story begins with a dog called Trifula, who comes from Langhe, an esteemed area in Piedmont, full of incredible landscapes and precious natural products.

Trifula “the Truffle dog” is a mutt who doesn’t get respect from the other pure breed dogs, specifically selected and trained to search for truffles. Facing rejection, Trifula went its own way, coming to discover the largest and most prestigious white truffle ever found. Auctioned for 1 million dollars at the International Truffle Fair of Alba, its hometown, this find made our four-legged furry friend the most popular dog from the Langhe, so well-know that our wine was named after him.
Young, alternative, ironic. This is the unique style of Trifula, a new idea of wine, created for all those who love to follow their own way. The idea behind Trifula project is to combine the ancient vineyards tradition of Piedmont into a fresh product, addressed to a specific young audience who demands a quality wines at affordable prices.

The selection

Trifula Piemonte doc Rosso

A deep and juicy red wine from one of the most renowned Italian wine region
Our wine comes from selected indigenous grapes from Langhe, a special terroir well known for the particular soil, ideal for making unique grape varieties. The grapes fermentation follows a specific process under the supervision of great winemakers. The original packaging shows the fresh approach of the brand. To undermine the idea that many people have of Piedmontese wines as something too serious and austere, in Trifula we invite all consumers to be as curious as our mascot dog, following their inner adventurer.

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