Bubbles rising to the head, freeing it from heaviness. Like a song playing in your head, each bubble replaces the heavy thoughts, one at a time, leaving you carefree.

This is Va Pensiero mission: helping you enjoy some thoughtless moments of pure lightness. How? Through its easy drinkable sparkling wines – Moscato Veneto and Lambrusco – created to be the perfect match during the most enjoyable moments. Light and free, as an evening night during an Italian summer.
Va Pensiero wines are distinguished by a strong freshness, a slight alcohol content and a lively fruity character. They are the expression of a multitude of flavours and fragrances, combinations and emotions, enclosed in small bubbles. Va Pensiero Moscato is the perfect white wine that you can drink as aperitif or with a dessert, enjoying the company of your friends and family, helping you out in difficult times with sweetness.

The selection

Lambrusco IGT Emilia

A fizzy red wine, typical from the Emilia Romagna region

Moscato IGT Veneto

The perfect sparkling white wine for your desserts, a must for all the sweetest moments
Va Pensiero Lambrusco is a good fruity red sparkler that can be drunk as an aperitif with friends, a wine that goes perfectly with your favourite Italian food, or a bubbly pleaser to celebrate desserts. Red or white, it is up to you. Whichever you choose, be ready to be surprised by their drinkability.

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