In Villa Venere, traditions and modernity are strictly connected, giving life to unexpected wines that are the best expression of the great ductility and versatility of the Barbera grape variety.

As Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, emerges from the sea, so does Villa Venere, a historic villa built in the 19th century, arising in all its stunning beauty from the hills of Parma, a city in Emilia Romagna worldwide known for some of the best Italian culinary traditions, such as its famous and delicious ham. The greatest part of Villa Venere estate is cultivated with Barbera grapes, giving birth to wines that represent the best expression of this variety.
Villa Venere is a very unique Barbera, produced with the “appassimento” method of drying grapes, a technique prominent in the Veneto region, which is nowadays applied in other Italian region, giving birth to interesting wines. In Villa Venere the overripe bunches of Barbera undergo a special drying process, a sort of ‘withering’ that aims to concentrate the colour and all the aromas, followed by an aging phase.

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Barbera Emilia IGT

A very unique Barbera, produced with the “appassimento” method of drying grapes,
After the grapes are handpicked, they are gently laid in small cases for about 4-6 weeks in a dry, temperature controlled room with fans for ventilation. Fermentation happens after the drying of the grapes in inox tanks for 10-12 days. This process gives the wine a deeper concentration of flavors and compounds, while maintaining the typical acidity of the Barbera grape. The result is a rich and intense wine that attracts international palates, representing a great taste of Italy for the most curious wine drinkers.

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