Our portfolio covers some of the most famous regions of Italy, with the best wines and spirits, internationally multi-awarded, and with the best quality/price ratio.

We are constantly increasing the number of producers in our portfolio, to bring into the markets new producers from the best production areas.

We are thoroughly choosing our partners, to have the most potential for all our network of distribution in terms of visibility and profitability.


Castello di Montepò is a unique castle and property located in Tuscany, belonging to the Biondi Santi family, who started creating fine wines in Italy a century ago.


Focused on producing a true and outstanding expression of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Piandimare is located in one of the best emerging crus of the Abruzzo region, Villamagna DOC.


Organic, Pet Nat, unfiltered bubbles from the Veneto region. A unique winery, with great aspiration.


From Tuscany, a winemaking project based on the most known variety and wines from the region, all organically farmed, with great quality and packaging.


A unique wine from Sicily, created with the original technique of Appassimento, through the selection of the best typical grapes.


A Piedmont winemaking project, belonging to MGM group, with the best expression of the typical variety from the region.

Various regions

The best expression of the most typical and known Italian wines, with a great price positioning.

Northern Italy

Craft spirits with all-natural infusions, with a strong relationship with the territory and traditions passed down over generations, interpreted in a modern key.

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